Simulation Training Centre

The Maritime Academy is equipped with a full mission bridge simulator, the Mistral 4000 – Merchant Marine Simulator. The simulator is certified as IMO STCW fully compliant by RINA as well as compliant with DNV-GL0033 as Class A simulators.

The following courses run in the center:

SN Course Duration
1 Tug Boat Simulation Client Specific
2 Boat Handling Training Course Client Specific
3 Simulator Instructor Training Course 2 Weeks
4 Human Element, Leadership and Management (HELM) Operational 3 Days
5 Human Element, Leadership and Management (HELM) Management 3 Days
6 Bridge Resource Management (BRM) Operational 3 days
7 Bridge Resource Management (BRM) Management 3Days
8 Ship To Ship Operations 3 days
9 Bridge Team Management & Ship Handling 10 Days
10 Bridge Team Management 4 Days
11 Ship Handling 6 Days
12 Maritime Resource Management (MRM) 6 Days