PS Department for Shipping and Maritime Mrs. Nancy Karigithu (seated second from the right) during the First Internal Stakeholders Workshop on the Development of a Strategic Plan for Bandari Maritime Academy on 18th February at a Mombasa Hotel

Internal Stakeholders in Groups during a Workshop to Prepare BMA Strategic Plan 2021 – 2022 at a Mombasa Hotel


As one of the initial steps towards putting in place mechanisms to meet its expanded mandate, Bandari Maritime Academy (BMA) has started the journey to develop the Institution’s Strategic Plan 2021-2025

The first internal stakeholder’s workshop on preparation of the Strategic Plan was held in Mombasa from 18-21 February, 2020.

It focused on conducting a situational analysis of emerging issues and challenges, developing a strategic model by reviewing the vision and mission statement, and core values; identifying Key Result Areas/Strategic Focus Areas, Strategic Objectives and Strategies; and reviewing the existing organizational structure among other areas,

Opening the workshop, PS State Department for Shipping and Maritime Mrs. Nancy Karigithu, noted that the realization of ongoing Government projects related to hipping and maritime transport was largely hinged on availability of adequate supply of properly qualified and certified professionals.

“Transformation of Bandari Maritime Academy to a center of excellence on maritime skills development has been prioritized by the Government through the MTP111” said the PS.

The Department, she added, has identified the urgent need to build human resource capacity in such areas as; seafaring, port operations, ship operations; commercial and maritime law, shipbuilding and repair, maritime training, certification and employment of seafarers.

he PS said preparation of the Strategic Plan will safeguard against facing bottlenecks when developing the Academy into a successful center of excellence. “It is important at this early juncture to identify challenges that might delay or stifle smooth progression towards the institutions success so that they can be addressed promptly and comprehensively.

BMA was launched in 2018 following Executive Order No. 22 of 28th November 2018. It is the successor to Bandari College (BC). Following the transformation from BC to BMA,-with an expanded mandate to provide capacity building for the budding Blue economy sector in general and the wider maritime realm in particular, progress has been made to establish autonomy of the Academy.

The Strategic Plan will therefore offer a road map to define and determine its future, providing a process of how this will be achieved.